We feel strongly about the brands and people we work for. Over the past 10 years we have built meaningful ties with our clients as we approach every project with the same flair and commitment. This is how we grow. Here are some top brands we love working for.


Case Studies


  • German Design Awards
    German Design Award 2016
  • European Design Awards
    European Design awards & merits 2013-2016
  • Red Dot Awards
    Red Dot Awards 2014, 2015
  • ΕΒΓΕ Awards
    EVGE Awards
    Greek Graphic Design
    & Illustration Awards
  • Ermis Awards
    Ermis design & digital awards 2008-2016



A Designing Structure & Interactions

Having defined a clear strategy, we start designing the structure of the product we are creating. First at high-level then refining details and defining interactions.

B Creating a unique visual identity

Ideas are at the core of our thought process. But not just any ideas. We brainstorm to arrive at ideas driven by usability and flair. Ideas that use the way things work as a source of inspiration. This is how we arrive at awarded concepts that work. In digital, branding and print.

C Validating the design

We are firm believers that no design is finished until tested with users. Depending on the nature of a project, we use one or more design validation methods to refine both the product’s usability and its alignment with the users’ mental model.

D Implementing the Solution

Whether it be an omni-channel, personalizable Enterprise Portal, a mid-ranged corporate website or a transactional Commerce site, we offer a range of Platforms and Professional Services to cover your needs.

E Personalizing experiences

By combining our UX perspective of the customer with Sitecore’s powerful personalization engine, we design unique one-to-one experiences that enhance user loyalty and maximize your potential for profit.

F Continuous support & experience optimization

A project is never over in the digital age! We have both the methodology and streamlined processes to help you evolve your product continually.


Design Athens III

Design Athens 3

Following tradition, our creative team is heading one of this year's Design Athens 3 workshops on digital design. Last year, Marios Linakis and attendees explored the value of classic design thinking in digital layouts. This year we are working on the art of interactive animation.