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Empowering energy consumers by redefining customer interaction

What were our client’s needs

The Public Power Corporation (PPC), also known as DEI (ΔΕΗ) Greece’s foremost industry leader in the energy sector, has embarked on an ambitious journey to revolutionize its digital services. In pursuit of this goal, it has restructured its strategy with a vision centered on being "in harmony with the future". Consequently, DEI has been progressively executing a range of customer-focused digital initiatives.

Following the redesign and redevelopment of the corporate portal, which was successfully launched in 2022, was also assigned to redesign the old e-bill system and transform it into, a cutting-edge platform that empowers customers with self-service capabilities. Thus, customers can now manage  their DEI services effortlessly, all within an innovative and friendly user environment.


How we rose to the challenge

The energy industry inundates users with a plethora of information, intricate terminology, and often unintuitive tasks. Recognizing this challenge, our initial focus was on establishing an optimal Information Architecture (IA). This strategic move aimed to empower users, giving them the ability to effortlessly navigate and complete multi-step transactions on

Following extensive User Experience (UX) research, we successfully created a user-friendly platform that extends well beyond simple bill management. Our distinctive approach, intuitive design, and seamless integration with back-office systems have propelled into a potent self-service tool, delivering a highly personalized user experience for energy customers. Tailored to the user's profile, offers the following benefits:

  • Recommends relevant products and services that align with users' specific requirements.
  • Sends timely reminders for contract renewals.
  • Assists users in navigating through intricate transactional processes.
  • Supplies valuable information on energy, empowering users to enhance their energy consumption habits.
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    From user insights to convenience: designing an intuitive and efficient user experience

    Service design: crafting intuitive pathways

    A major challenge we faced, was to determine the optimal Information Architecture (IA) so that the new would allow customers to easily navigate and manage their accounts. conducted extensive UX research for many months. Based on the findings, we developed a holistic solution to completely transform the customer's interaction experience with the PPC. To offer a new, innovative and enriched user experience, the various working groups collaborated efficiently to study, design and implement solutions for the optimal IA.

    For the navigation design we used data from real users, which we collected through qualitative research methods, studying user journeys for all different cases. In this way, we managed to design the optimal user journeys for all PPC services, ensuring that they meet user expectations and mental model. Once the design was ready, we tested the proposed solution with actual users.


    Automation and convenience: streamlining user interaction

    To improve usability, we structured content into user-friendly categories to instill a sense of familiarity. By addressing potential pain points and selecting elements that enhance information comprehension, we successfully optimized user interaction on Additionally, we introduced "content zones" to make it even more user-friendly. This approach simplifies the understanding of extensive information and makes site navigation more straightforward, ensuring that users can easily find the information they are looking for.

    The new dashboard provides users with a central control panel where they can:

  • Access the current balance of their accounts.
  • Check for overdue debts.
  • View the total amount of settlements and the outstanding debt.
  • To increase convenience and payment automation, the platform also allows for:

  • Electronic payments through e-POS.
  • Setting standing orders from a debit or credit card.
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    Energy consumption and savings monitoring: Optimizing user experience through personalized energy insights

    The new offers energy consumption advisory programs to help users understand and improve their energy usage habits. By monitoring consumption, receiving energy-saving suggestions, and achieving greater energy efficiency, customers become active participants in their energy management.

    The technological challenge was to interconnect the new website with the numerous back-office systems, so that users could have real-time access to information. Having achieved this task, now users:

  • Have easy and direct access, 24/7, to all functionalities, both through the online portal and the new mydei mobile application.
  • Manage all bills, payments, settlements, and standing orders for electricity and natural gas, from a single point.
  • Monitor consumption per household device, get saving tips from the PPC myEnergyCoach and opt for self-metering.
  • Enjoy reward programs and other benefits.
  • Activate or upgrade their services with value-added products and services.
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    Fueling success through user empowerment

    The new represents a significant milestone in PPC's digital transformation journey, providing customers with personalized experiences. This is also reflected in the performance metrics. More specifically, six months following the launch:

  • 1.3 million users visited my
  • 600,000 users engaged with the platform.
  • 900,000 online payments were carried out through
  • 858,000 online consumption measurements were conducted by the users.
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