Why is it important

During the website’s design process, we have created a baseline experience common for all potential website visitors. However, a great opportunity lies in personalizing the experience based on the user type and his progress within the engagement funnel.

Companies that use conversion optimization tactics experience an average 40% lift in their conversion.

How we can help you

We have incorporated Sitecore’s 7-stages maturity framework to help your brand establish and enhance its digital presence by streamlining processes.


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    Serve your strategic goals

    Align your website’s goals and operational model with your company’s strategic goals and your overall marketing initiatives.
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    Optimize your campaigns 

    Establish a measurement model that gives you the chance to compare your digital marketing campaigns in terms of the actual value they generate. 

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    Personalize the experience

    Dynamically personalize content to fit visitors’ needs and engagement level within the conversion funnel. Different content may be presented to a user who is in the initial stage of decision making as opposed to content served to a user who is ready to buy and simply needs a small nudge.

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    Orchestrate multi-channel choreography

    Orchestrate personalized interactions across different channels: for example, when a user has engaged with a specific product within the website but has not converted yet, a personalized email may be sent automatically within a couple of days. If he still does not convert, a followup email may be sent within a week or the same product may be served as a hero banner in the mobile site.

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    Never Stop optimizing

    Continuously optimize the experience through user testing, A/B testing and continuous analytics deep-dive. This frequently ignored aspect of your digital presence is extremely important. A website or an app is not a one- off project, but an ongoing one. Remember Amazon having ever gone through a major redesign? Of course not, yet if you compare how the site looks today with how it looked 10 years ago, we are talking about completely different websites. Your business is too important to skip testing a new piece of design before launching.