History & Philosophy of our Digital Agency

We are incurably curious. Always have been. Maybe that’s what has made us a leading Greek digital agency. At Linakis digital we design and develop digital and design projects for top brands. Our work has earned us international acclaim as well as the Sitecore Gold partnership. Since 2006 we have grown from a handful of designers and developers to an awarded digital agency that ticks on teamwork and innovation.


People & Culture

The sum is greater than its parts. Awarded designers and developers, UX trailblazers and managers. It’s a potentially explosive mix of opinionated talent. But that’s exactly what makes our 71 or so professionals tick. We rely on each other’s talent, knowhow and desire to create meaningful work through ongoing research and training.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

In Linakis Digital we believe that people can deliver great results, work with co-workers you respect, and still embrace the things that matter in life.
And we do it all as a team!