Redesigning Alpha Bank's portal

The Challenge

Alpha Bank, one of the largest Greek banks, is on an aggressive Digital Transformation journey towards becoming one of the most digitally advanced banks in Greece, making more than 80% of its products and services also available through online channels.  Alpha Bank’s ambition was to create a new digital ecosystem by unifying the 15 different products & services websites and creating one gateway for all the bank’s e-services, while dramatically improving the customer experience, making banking personal.

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The Solution

Linakis Digital proposed a holistic approach for the project which included a unique combination of detailed Service Design leading to a completely redefinedCustomer Experience, a brand new digital visual identity, hard-core implementation services compliant with the Bank’s very strict security and technical requirements and Sitecore, a state-of-the-art Customer Experience platform allowing the bank to deliver a more relevant, personalized experience to all its visitors.

The new is a modern portal, integrating the best digital practices and technologies to improve the value delivered to the bank’s customers. Designed to significantly improve the client experience, the website follows a needs-based approach with regards to the customer journeys, it is easy to navigate and adaptive to all devices delivering the best omni-channel experience based on the device & browser being used.

“We would like to thank Linakis Digital for the excellent work in the design and development of Alpha Bank’s new corporate website, based on a powerful and leading-edge digital experience platform. By exploiting the intuitive features of Sitecore, Alpha Bank makes the first step towards transforming customer interactions to meaningful and personalized digital experiences. 
The end-result makes us proud.”

 Kyriaki Ch. Inempolidi
 Manager of Marketing and Public Realtions Division