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Eurobank's Digital Transformation Project

Eurobank, one of the leading Greek banks, has begun its digital transformation, integrating the best digital practices and new technologies to improve the delivered value to its customers.

The new designed and implemented by Linakis Digital, is the first pillar of this digital transformation program.

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The Brief

In a fast-changing digital environment, where users are far more sophisticated, Eurobank identified the need to create a new portal with the objective to offer their users personalized information and services to improve their daily interactions with the bank. Eurobank’s vision was to engage its customers 24/7.

The Goal

Eurobank, one of Greece’s systemic banks, recognized the need and value of digital transformation as part of a larger omnichannel rollout. The is the first deliverable of this process. The goal was to create a customer-centric portal optimized for mobile, offering users personalized information and services to improve their daily interactions with the bank, while meeting the strict compliant rules required by the bank.

Digital Objectives

Linakis Digital mission was to create a user centric site based primarily on customer needs, along with the traditional way of products and services. As far as aesthetics were concerned, the objective was the creation of a vibrant, joyful and appealing user interface that empowers a rich media experience.

Design Architecture & User Experience

Starting from a high-level design Linakis Digital progressed to deep analysis of the Bank’s information architecture in order to identify the specific needs of each particular business vertical and its user groups.

In order to maximize the efficiency and usability we utilized the best UX (User Experience) Practices, namely Service Design blueprints, Customer Journey Maps and Usability tests. All of these were wrapped under an Iterative Design process which was data informed and empathy driven, ensuring and validating the best possible outcome.

Linakis Digital played a key role in the realization of Eurobank’s Digital Transformation strategy in desktop and mobile channels. Designed for the optimum user experience, the site was designed to be friendly & simple to use, responsive to all devices & consistent across customer touch points, offering a balanced ecosystem.


Technology also played a major role in the success of the project. As a financial institution, Eurobank operates based on a very strict set of standards with regards to data security and integrity including GDPR compliance, availability, redundancy, disaster recovery and performance of the entire system. Some additional technical requirements were also very important, such as cutting-edge S.E.O (Search engine Optimization) performance, mobile-first approach and accessibility options. Linakis Digital responded to these hard requirements and added an extra layer of innovation to the project.

Linakis Digital used robust technology as an enabler for the above requirements and provided the Bank with an innovative platform upon which it would be able to drive its future digital strategies. All of the above were realized without deviating from the company’s strict guidelines and standards.

The Platform

As a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner, Linakis Digital based the solution upon the Sitecore Experience Management platform which is, according to Gartner, one of the world’s most advanced and intelligent platforms that gives marketers everything they need to understand visitors' needs and intents for delivering a more relevant, personalized experience, from initial visit to post-purchase engagement and nurturing. Sitecore empowers businesses with comprehensive digital marketing tools, a holistic view of customer needs and machine learning-generated insights, in order to deliver highly effective personalized experiences.

The cloud

Finally, Linakis Digital closely cooperated with Microsoft Hellas and the Bank’s IT department to architect, host and deploy the entire solution on the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure, achieving maximum security, performance, availability and geographic redundancy with minimum needs for maintenance from the Bank’s personnel and real flexibility to the Bank’s constantly growing needs.


“Linakis Digital with its valuable experience in international, enterprise-grade projects, delivered a highly available, very secure and innovative environment to Eurobank, within the agreed time and budget. It is a partner that we can always trust!”.

Virginia Sokou

  In charge of Eurobank's Digital Presence