Digital Yes, Human Yes. An exceptional customer-centric approach

The concept

European Reliance is one of Greece's largest insurance companies, offering comprehensive insurance products and services since 1977. The company's mission is to protect their customers' most valuable assets: income, family, property, quality of life. 

In 2020, European Reliance embarked on its digital journey aiming to provide an exceptional online experience to their customers while building stronger relationships with the insurance agents. The core message of their digital transformation is "Digital Yes, Human Yes".

European Reliance

European Reliance assigned the redesign of their digital assets - website, customer portal, and blog – and the creation of an exceptional digital presence that enables users to perform insurance tasks easily and intuitively.

Our Service Design Approach

Aiming to generate positive emotions to the users and offer them capabilities that strengthen their relationship with the company, we employed our Service Design Approach. Implementing exemplary UX research methodologies - including workshops, interviews, and on-desk research - we were able to understand the users' needs and preferences and connect them with the goals of European Reliance.


Flawless User Experience

The first step was to interview European Reliance's customers and shed light on their needs. The interviews revealed many opportunities for improving the user experience and identified pain points that frustrated users and discouraged them from interacting with the website. As part of our process, we also considered the key role of insurance agents in the acquisition journey and ensured they remain motivated and aligned with company goals.

To increase the overall customer traffic and interactions on the website, we introduced:

A user-centric Information Architecture (IA) that serves the needs of both the insurance agents and end customers journey.

Intuitive navigation that is based on user-specific information.

A user friendly interface that focuses on speeding up the learning curve, an extensive use of human-centered iconography intended to make the users feel more relaxed.


A blog with an Instagram look and feel

The purpose of the corporate blog was to promote European Reliance's services while offering valuable and entertaining content. We took into account the overall website's look and feel and differentiated the blog by designing a more cheerful and fun interface.

The blog has a pastel color palette aligned with the overall aesthetic, and a Promotion Feature that introduces an Instagram look and feel. This feature respects visitors' expectations for informative and entertaining articles while allowing European Reliance to market its services. In the blog, we also integrated website features like the calculators and created a sales funnel connecting user experiences on the two interfaces.


Ground-breaking technology

We developed the new digital assets of European Reliance on the Sitecore Experience Platform, the number one content management system worldwide for offering personalized experiences. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Sitecore, European Reliance offers an exceptional customer-centric experience, including:

  • → An easy-to-use customer portal that upgrades the customer experience by offering convenience and transparency on insurance matters.
  • → Personalized contact and complaint forms that attribute a unique user code and enable the company to manage customer queries and complaints more efficiently in the long term.
  • → Premiums calculators and a cost-saving calculator for the loyalty program "Asfalistikos Goneas." Customers can enter their monthly expenses and indicatively estimate the discount in their insurance premiums.
  • → An index of retail offices presented on an interactive map according to postal code proximity.
  • → Affiliate marketing functionality for insurance agents. Customers can use a personalized link that connects them with the insurance agent of their choice.
  • → Digitized services like the Online Pay and Online Mailbox that enable customers to manage insurance procedures quickly and easily through the website.


Bottom Line Value

The enhanced digital ecosystem of European Reliance offers unparalleled digital capabilities. Customers can now:

Benefits gained

At, we pride ourselves on building high-impact assets that help our clients implement their digital transformation strategies and build stronger relationships with their customers. In the case of European Reliance, the benefits gained are:

  • → Improved user experience and usability.
  • → Upgraded website performance and technical SEO.
  • → Omnichannel campaign management with personalization capabilities.
  • → Enhanced hot lead generation.
  • → Personalized customer relationship management.
  • → Stronger relationship with the insurance agents.
  • → Increased customer engagement and sales.

The results in numbers

"We have been working with for our public website which offer a wide range of functionality. LD has great expertise on UX and UI design and delivered a practical website that looks and feels great to use. We will continue working with LD and highly recommend them."

Georgiou Panagiotis
CEO Office