An effective implementation of SOLR on Sitecore

SOLR implementation by & SearchStax: The case of a European bank developed a new highly automated website that delivers high-performance customer experiences, for a large European bank that has been shaping the banking trends for over 30 years.

The new website was built with Sitecore on Azure Platform-as-a-Service. One of the most difficult digital challenges for the new website would be to handle the large number of expected queries on the new Sitecore website without burdening our client's in-house engineers with the management and support of the SOLR search infrastructure. To meet the bank's objectives, we teamed up with SearchStax to deliver a Managed SOLR solution that develops, maintains and supports the website's SOLR infrastructure. SearchStax also met the critical business requirements of 24x7x365 support, automated upgrades, and high availability.

 Bottom Line Value

Combining the technology of Sitecore on Azure PaaS and SearchStax Managed SOLR we achieved unparalleled performance and scalability.  Sitecore 9 on Azure PaaS and SearchStax SOLR-as-a-service enabled us to: 

  • Reduce operating complexity while increasing scalability 
  • Shorten the website's time to market 
  • Provide highly available, high-performance digital assets, as well as omnichannel marketing and personalization capabilities; and 
  • Automate updates and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.