Sitecore content management system

Why Sitecore?

Sitecore is World’s most powerful Context Marketing platform, focused on delivering individual, personalized customer experiences, to every website visitor, across channels, in real time. We are proud to be Sitecore Gold Implementation partners, the most experienced in our region, with a broad range of Enterprise portals under our belt.

The Sitecore Experience Platform offers robust Content Management that scales for enterprise needs, combined with data-driven context marketing by tracking every customer interaction with your brand.

Harness Contextual intelligence to deliver a memorable experience tailored to individual needs

Transform general website visitors into lifetime customers. Learn about each visitor's needs from the moment they first enter your website, and use Sitecore's intelligence engine to provide personalized content.

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    Single, centralized view of the visitor or customer

    The Sitecore xDB collects and connects all customer experience data (even from your CRM) down to the individual level in a single big data repository. Whether interaction is from known customers or anonymous prospects, on Sitecore-based or non-Sitecore-based systems, it’s captured and collected in one place.

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    Quanititative & Qualitative Experience Analytics

    Sitecore does not only collect and measure typical, quantitative website analytics. It also captures valuable, qualitative interaction data, allowing you to measure the value of that interaction. This Engagement Value Scale lets you quickly understand how channels work together to drive engagement.

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    Content Testing and optimization

    When you need to understand what and who is performing, where conversions are generated, which paths provide most value, and optimize those interactions, then you need to be able to measure and test possible variants. A/B and multivariate testing, goal tracking, and path analysis reveal where campaigns, channels, and traffic sources are performing or under-performing, for which demographic or segment, allowing you to optimize them.

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    Omni-Channel Automation Plans

    Allow Sitecore's intelligence engine to work on the data collected and automatically engage with your visitors. Keeping a conversation going, showing appreciation for an interaction or bringing visitors back to your website, are essential parts of making your website more efficient.

Cutting edge Content Management Experience

Sitecore is a market-leading web content management system (WCMS) which has been built from the ground up as an integrated platform to support global, multilingual content at scale and provide the flexibility that enterprises demand. It’s easy to use for marketers but also open and powerful for IT teams that want to customize, manage, integrate, and secure even the most demanding of websites.

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    Cross-channel Content Management and Delivery

    Sitecore allows for easy and complete administration of content, page layout, widgets and personalization features directly on the website, with full preview functionality. Also, it automatically serves content in the format best sized and suited for a user’s device.

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    Multisite and Multilingual

    Sitecore lets you share content across multiple sites for a consistent experience on all of them. It also natively handles multilingual content, greatly improving the translation workflow integrating with global translation services.

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    Optimized for mobile and display-agnostic

    Device detection & optimization algorithms automatically optimize content for different devices, allowing Content Editors to preview how content will look on different devices such an iPhone vs. a Surface tablet, before publishing to the Production environment.

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    Unparalleled performance and scalability

    Sitecore is built to support different kinds of scalable architectures and can anticipate even the more demanding requirements and policies in terms of high-availability, fail-over, disaster recovery, traffic growth and long-term maintenance.

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    Enterprise-class security

    Sitecore provides a robust and consistent security model to control content access, workflow, CMS user interfaces, and other aspects of the product. The security model provides the ability to manage users, roles, profiles, and rights to Sitecore items. It also supports data-in-transit and data-at-rest encryption for further peace of mind.

Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner

Linakis Digital on Sitecore

Our partnership with Sitecore is the result of a strategic decision to invest in acquiring knowledge and know-how in a platform which can cater for even the most advanced of our client's needs. We have an in-house only team of very experienced, certified F.T.E. Sitecore Developers and have been actively building Sitecore portals which require complex systems integrations continuously during the last 7 years. We like to dive deep into Sitecore’s architecture, find solutions to hard problems, develop custom components, participate in the Sitecore development community and, in general, increase our Sitecore footprint in the international market.

Linakis Digital has proudly achieved the "Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner" status which underlines our competency to deliver complex Sitecore projects as well as our commitment to quality work!