Attica Group

Creating personalized customer experiences that drive digital excellence

The concept

Attica Group, the parent company of Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries, and Hellenic Seaways, made the strategic decision to improve their digital brand positioning by providing frictionless experiences that impact customer decision-making and increase booking conversions. 

The Group aimed to create a cohesive visual identity for the three brands and optimize the user experience across their websites with a unified booking system.

The approach of

We approached the redesign & development of the three websites and the booking platform separately. Our methodology consisted of different stages that came together to create a cohesive brand identity and an exceptional booking experience.

We conducted a Full-Service Design process and examined the business objectives, the needs of the stakeholders & the industry, market trends, and best practices.

To deliver an experience that seamlessly transcends the customer's physical and digital experience, we designed a Phygital Navigation system that reflects the traveler's customer journey phases.

Using the Atomic Design Method, we succeeded in achieving consistency across the three websites. All three websites feature a modern and minimal design with a multi-layered layout and branded color elements that engage users and guide them through their digital journey. 

Our technological solution

We utilized Kentico Experience Platform, a full-featured enterprise-class Content Management System, which offers Attica Group personalization, maximum security, performance & scalability.

In partnership with Kentico, we help companies and brands connect with customers and achieve their objectives offering advanced capabilities and enhanced customer experience.

Benefits gained

Using the most advanced technology Attica Group is now in a position to achieve: