A new platform and business model for NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI .  

The concept

NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI, the leader in publishing and providing lifelong training and technology to the Greek legal sector, aspired to offer users up-to-date content from a large variety of sources through a groundbreaking legal platform. It also required a new business model implementing a pricing system that is fair to the user while it serves the strategic goals of the company. The goal of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI was to offer its customers tools that enhance productivity and improve the efficiency of the legal community and the justice system in Greece. 

Solution  & benefits

Linakis.digital delivered a platform that meets all the requirements of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI and helps it achieve its strategic goals. Qualex.gr οffers access to a vast amount of multi-source content that is constantly updated, while it implements an efficient pricing model that charges the user according to the time spent reading. Qualex.gr provides: 

  • Quick and easy access to continually growing legal content that is fully interrelated.  

  • Guaranteed authenticity and reliability of the legal content. 

  • A unique toolbox that serves the day-to-day practice of law. 
  • Using the best technology there is, Qualex features highly customized tools that optimize the user experience, such as: 



    In the following screenshots you can see how easy it is for the members of the Greek Legal Community to get the most out of the Qualex platform.

    Award-winning performance

    Qualex and Linakis.digital were awarded 5 E-volution Awards 2021 recognizing best practices in digital transformation and e-commerce.