A contemporary design inspired by the nature of their business: metal and energy

The concept

Arrow Resources Group is based in Switzerland and specializes in storing and moving around the globe metals, minerals, and energy.  The group, which has offices in Canada, the USA, UK, Belgium, Greece, China, and Singapore, comprises of two member companies:  

  • - ArrowMetals and Trading, which transports and markets metals and minerals. 
  • - AOT Energy, which operates across the energy and power spectrum - storing and transporting resources such as crude oil and oil products, biofuels, natural gas, LNG, power, and emissions.

Unlocking digital opportunities for growth Arrow Resources made the strategic decision to strengthen their digital presence and fortify their message with a dynamic new website. They assigned Linakis.digital the creation of a website serving their transformational objectives: 

  • - Market positioning as a commodity trading company
  • - Showcasing a solid company profile
  • - Broadening the customer base

Our Service Design Approach 

Following our Service Design Approach, we researched the business objectives of Arrow Resources, the needs of the stakeholders, and the overall industry. Performing interviews and competitor analysis, we defined a set of parameters for the design of the new website:  

- Contemporary look and feel, communicating credibility and drive.  
- Content that is easy to access and manage.  
- Memorable layout with easy navigation. 

Putting the user in the center 

To clearly communicate the products and services that Arrow Resources offers, it was essential to emphasize the two main categories: Metals and Energy. Since two separate companies merged, it was important to create a solid website that showcases both in a clear and appealing way. Our research revealed that the target groups are different for each category, so we decided to separate them and make them prominent in the main navigation instead of creating a unified products category, which wouldn’t provide context to the user. 

A bold and emblematic website 

It was important to create a robust corporate website differentiating Arrow Resources from competitors in the industry. So, we developed a minimal and modern design inspired by the nature of their business – Earth and its natural resources.   

The layout of the page is asymmetric, representing the different soil layers of the earth, which is a concept we also applied to typography animations in the titles. As the user scrolls, the typography appears from the bottom up. Furthermore, we designed a line crossing the page. As users scroll, the line follows their movement, and if it detects an actionable element, it becomes active, indicating interactivity. A smooth transition of colors between sections is also applied, conveying the meaning of bringing raw material to life.  


The technology: Umbraco CMS

The new website is implemented on Umbraco CMS, which offers unlimited functionality and customizability. The platform meets Arrow Resources requirements offering: 

  • - Flexibility and powerful content management capabilities 
  • - Cross-browser and cross-device compatibility  
  • - Scalability and a responsive user interface 

Bottom-Line Value 


The new website has a solid modern aesthetic that communicates the company’s positioning and drive. The user experience is memorable and engages the user through: 

  • - Distinctive animations symbolizing the extraction of resources from the depths of the earth. 
  • - Stunning photography of facilities and natural resources. 
  • - Typography that conveys sharpness and credibility.