Actionaid Case Study Web Design

The Challenge

Since 2011 Actionaid Hellas has chosen us for a series of desktop and mobile web sites. Following the official information website in Greece, we were subsequently asked to create a series of side projects. Amongst them a crowdfunding campaigns web site in both desktop and mobile, the official Actionaid E-shop and an educational web site for schools.

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Design & development

Work done for all ActionAid projects aims at maximizing user engagement by appealing to logic as well as emotion. In visual terms all websites are a mix of rich imagery and hard fact data. Websites were developed with full management capabilities in Umbraco content management. Both the official and Crowdfunding campaigns sites were developed to provide full content management features and have proven extremely resilient as administrators update and edit information constantly. The Crowdfunding web site in particular is a fully managed user- specific platform, which allow users to create, monitor and edit individual fundraising campaigns. All sites were built to be extremely extrovert to social media and other digital channels such as blogs and newsletters. Individual projects include:


Official ActionAid Hellas web site


Crowdfunding web site




Education site