314 Records Case Study create a website

The Challenge

3.14 is Heaven music’s newest concept, the first digital only dance music label in Greece designed to attract new talent. The client asked for a music- first web site with videos playing constantly throughout user journeys. 3.14 is also a talent recruitment platform and as such the web site should aim at ways to attract aspiring new artists. This will help the label grow by representing Greek artists to both local and global audiences.

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Research & findings

Following user research and UX workshops with the client, two separate groups of users were identified: audiences wishing to listen to music and aspiring artists who wish to be on 3.14’s roster. To answer both needs we created a clear information architecture structure with two distinct sections to the site: “Music” and “Become an artist”. “Music” is built on the idea of rotating playlists. Charts are also drawn up to attract user engagement. “Become an Artist” is essentially a media- rich recruitment platform for aspiring artists who wish to submit work to 3.14 for evaluation.

Concept and visual design

We wanted a flexible yet engaging idea to draw attention to the label through artists work. We wanted an idea that visualizes a music video experience of an unmistakable identity. We devised a short animation that introduces users to 3.14 concept and designed dynamic typography that codifies playlists and genres. Everything was designed around videos and the moving image with respect to artists work. The web site rolls along with the music through a rich engaging colour- palette on a fluid piece of design.


The web site was built around a synchronized player module, in essence live- radio technology. This global player automatically play predefined playlists. When users choose to play specific videos, the player is streamlined and moves to video items on that playlist. Because this is a video first experience the player is always in sync between what is being viewed and heard. Users can create their own video lists and pick n mix songs and artists. The web site features an extensive artists profiling section with ease-of use uploading of new music for evaluation by 3.14. This is a content rich experience built with Sitecore and is constantly monitored and calibrated for personalization features to suit user specific needs.