Raw Awards Case Study digital strategy

The Challenge

In 2015 EDEE The Union of Greek Communications & Advertising agencies launched a new awarding body and institution for raw creativity. They asked us to design and develop the award new web site. The idea was to engage creatives in Greece through a fresh concept and aesthetics on rawness. Any awards web site also requires complex technology to handle and manage huge amounts of data.

Raw Awards Case Study User Interface Raw Awards Case Study Content Management System Raw Awards Case Study Create a Website

Idea & Visual design

Raw awards rewards raw creativity: ie ideas in print and digital that never see the light of day. Just like every other awarding body, Raw awards is a living organism made up of work submitted by users. We thought up a raw data visualization concept that adds up traffic to each project through unique views and displays them on a timeline: the DNA of the awards. As views to each project increase, so does the visual imprint. Visual data is portrayed in two skins: pixels or arcanoid. As projects are submitted the visual imprint changes in length and complexity. The design and aesthetics of the web site are also raw, based on one of the most basic of visual elements: the grid.


Featuring a full list of fully managed data as well as user- side managed profiles, uploaded data and project libraries, the web site covers all requirement by the client. The web site also features full online payment and data archiving and a live feed connection with the interface that visualizes projects and data. The web site was built with Sitecore Content Management Platform