What better way to show our passion for technology than being Platinum Sponsor for the Web Development (.NET) Academy!

Linakis Digital Sponsorship .NET Academy Collegelink 2020-  Giannis Vavouranakis

Linakis Digital continues to support young web developers through CollegeLink’s educational initiatives by sponsoring the 2020 Web Development .Net Academy, for the fourth year in a row. George Tryfonas, our Head of R&D, was there as instructor and mentor of a truly aspiring audience.

What is Web Development .NET Academy?

Web Development Academy is an educational program organized by College Link with the platinum support of Linakis Digital. Its main purpose is to provide high-quality training to young developers in order to pursue a career in web development. Through this three-week seminar the participants learn different programming languages at an advanced level and put their acquired knowledge in practice. Up until today, more than 200 young professionals have been trained, 90% of them find their next job because they have attended the seminar, 3/4 are currently working in the field of web development and the top 5% were employed by the seminar’s sponsors!

During this event, we had the opportunity to connect with young people, and other professionals, hear interesting opinions and spread our knowledge. According to George Tryfonas, “The most significant moment of this experience was the flash of light in the participants' eyes when acquiring a new knowledge”

Linakis Digital Sponsorship .NET Academy Collegelink 2020- George Tryfonas

Erotokritos, participant of last year’s .NET Academy and current employee of Linakis Digital said that “George is a resourceful instructor that taught me and he is still teaching me many new and valuable lessons”. So we can proudly say that shared with the participants some of our secrets and showed them what specialists in our field do and how we do it!

Linakis Digital Sponsorship .NET Academy Collegelink 2020- Vasilis Linakis

Our mission was to help them grow and become the developers that the IT industry deserves! We hope that our goal to pass our knowledge and our expertise on the young aspiring developers was achieved. We also learn from them, with their fresh, innovative ideas, their creativity and their enthusiasm to grow!