In unseasonably warm October 2019, Linakis Digital got a different kind of gold than the usual. Not an award per se, but an honour nonetheless. We were a Gold Sponsor in the Collegelink Digital Marketing Academy. Along with the most esteemed digital marketing professionals in Greece, we had the chance to support and mentor 48 aspiring marketers. It was a blast.    

Collegelink Digital Marketing Academy

Let’s take it from the top 

For the duration of the course, from the 8th to the 19th of October, organized a series of bonding sessions, talks and workshops, all designed to expose the young Skywalkers to all facets of digital marketing, from the basics and social media to SEO, content, and affiliate marketing. With all this fresh, crunchy knowledge, the youngsters broke into teams and were assigned a project to complete and present by the end of their training. 

We had a chance to mentor the recent graduates during their work on their team projects and guide them so they successfully reached their goals and presented their bright new ideas in the best possible light. Not only did the Linakis Digital team guide the participants, but we were also exposed to a ton of fresh outlooks and creative approaches to digital marketing projects! 

The presentations featured new ideas, new takes on the fundamentals of digital marketing and a lot of excitement. We were hooked, so we decided to present the aspiring digital marketers with a challenge and a reward. We asked them to work on a real brief for Linakis Digital, present their content and strategy ideas. What was the reward? The top talent among the group will have the opportunity to join our team and keep working on exciting digital marketing projects. 

Collegelink Digital Marketing Academy

Early-stage talent nourishment  

Linakis Digital is all about harnessing cutting edge technologies (e.g. personalized video campaign creation), stunning website and app design and development, and lots of data to create disrupting, immersive user experiences. You can’t do that without actively seeking out, attracting and nourishing new talent at every turn. At the same time, it is our joy to support young people starting out in the field that we practice and love. Plain and simple, this is why we support educational initiatives like CollegeLink’s Digital Marketing Academy, and why we continue to support ambition and potential not just in sponsorships, but in our day to day operation.

Our candidates were asked to present their experience of the course, through the eyes of Linakis Digital, on social, paid, and owned channels. They were also asked to present their strategic thinking behind their proposals. 

Collegelink Digital Marketing Academy

How did they do? 

We’re not going to spoil the fun, so we’re not going to tell you who the lucky digital marketer who’s going to receive a job offer from Linakis Digital is quite yet. We will however tell you that we had the pleasure of reading the work of talented young professionals. Stay tuned for the next episode!

Collegelink Digital Marketing Academy