PPC (Public Power Corporation) is a leading electric utility specializing in electricity generation, distribution, and selling advanced energy products and services across Southeast Europe. Known as DEI (ΔΕΗ) in Greece, the organization is guided by a forward-thinking management team committed to a strategic transformation. Central to this transformation is a focus on digitization and operational efficiency and the overhaul of all digital touchpoints to offer innovative services and improve customer experiences.

Cutting-edge digital transformation projects  

Linakis.digital has played a significant role as a strategic partner in PPC’s transformation journey, having successfully delivered high-profile digital projects in the Greek market. Noteworthy among them are the award-winning www.dei.gr and mydei.dei.gr, a self-service customer portal. Upcoming projects include the next phase of mydei.dei.gr, the redesign of www.dei-blue.gr for e-mobility, and critical continuous improvements to the organization's digital presence.  

Elevating the user experience 

Focusing on www.dei.gr, Linakis.digital aimed to elevate the website with a human-centric, goal-oriented customer experience that addresses the personal needs of every visitor. The upgrade required creating a new digital environment that reflects PPC's brand identity and corporate values while facilitating seamless customer interactions. Additionally, it was essential to boldly present PPC's progressive approach to the future of energy in Greece, while preserving the deep historical ties DEI has with Greek society. 

The success of Linakis.digital's work on www.dei.gr is evident through multiple industry awards, underscoring the team's dedication and excellence. For an in-depth look at the approach taken for this project, including challenges, user research, UI design, and development using Umbraco, please refer to our comprehensive case study.

An innovative self-service platform 

Linakis.digital also spearheaded the redesign of the old e-bill system, transforming it into mydei.dei.gr, a cutting-edge platform providing customers with self-service capabilities, launched in 2023. The customer experience was further enhanced by designing and implementing a mobile app for mydei.dei.gr, which received numerous accolades and awards from industry peers. The key steps of the mydei.dei.gr project can be explored in our case study, which is complemented by an interactive tour of the mobile app.

A successful partnership 

Our strategic partnership with PPC is a source of pride, marked by collaboration on high-profile digital projects that have significantly transformed and elevated PPC's digital presence in the Greek market.