Leading the digital transformation in the legal sector

5 evolution awards for qualex.gr by linakis.digital

Nomiki Bibliothiki and the legal sector in Greece embrace digital transformation

Qualex.gr by Linakis.digital enables the digital transformation of Nomiki Bibliothiki and offers new ways of working and accessing information. The leading organization in legal content production, training, and legal tech applications launched an innovative and groundbreaking platform that won 5 e-volution awards

Qualex with more than more than 38,000 users is the largest and most up-to-date platform providing access to more than 350.000 sources of legislative content. It offers a modern environment and a range of advanced tools and applications that facilitate the work of legal professionals while providing an excellent user experience.

  • Quick and easy access to continually growing legal content that is fully interrelated.
  • Guaranteed authenticity and reliability of the legal content.
  • A unique legal toolbox that serves the day-to-day practice of law.

5 e-volution awards for Linakis.digital

E-volution awards recognize Best practices in E-commerce and Business and are organized by Marketing Week, Boussias Communications, and the E-Business Research Centre (ELTRUN) of Athens University of Economics and Business. On the 18th of December 2020, we were proud to receive the following e-volution awards:   

GOLD: Best in Books, Music & Entertainment. With time-based billing and easy access from desktop or mobile, we ensured the platform meets user needs in the most efficient way. 

GOLD: Digital Transformation. Utilizing the latest technologies and methods, we redesigned the three digital transformation pillars: Operational Process, Customer Experience, and Business Model and delivered an innovative platform.

SILVER: E-Business Innovation. Qualex.gr implements time-based billing based on consumed content and, at the same time, protects the user against malicious use or overcharging. A new digital business model is brought to Nomiki Bibliothiki. 

SILVER: Technological Innovation. Utilizing the Content Management System CMS Kentico, which incorporates marketing automation and smart AI tools, we ensured Qualex.gr and Nomiki Bibliothiki moved towards user journey personalization and gained a competitive advantage in the Greek market. 

SILVER: Information Architecture. We implemented the best methodologies for Website Structure & Digital Interaction Design and delivered an easy to use website that meets user expectations and increases efficiency. 

The way we work

We're proud to play a role in the digital transformation of the legal sector in Greece, and wining 5 e-volution awards for Qualex.gr is both a great honor and a welcomed recognition of our commitment and dedication.  At Linakis.digital we design transformational solutions and create opportunities for our customers to generate additional value. Using the latest technologies, tools, and methodologies, we are always at the forefront of creativity and innovation to that end. We know that digital transformation starts with the customer and works inwards, so we study the customers' journey and their pain points. We then use those insights to personalize at scale and inform the design of an excellent digital customer experience. 

This is how we do it: