Why Kentico?

Kentico is an internationally accredited Content Management System/ Enterprise Management System (CMS/ EMS). The G2 user community has recognized Kentico as one of the Top 10 Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). It provides businesses with unlimited possibilities of building and retaining a valuable relationship with their customers by enhancing the customer experience (CX) through onsite and offsite personalization, creation of incredible content, and offering a remarkable e-commerce experience.

Thousands of companies have trusted the partner network of Kentico for its Ease-of-use, Flexibility & Security.

It is a powerful tool that can be perfectly used for the development and the management of all types of websites including Corporate web sites, E-commerce sites, Intranets, and Government and education sites.

Accelerate your digital transformation

 Reach more customers and drive faster results. Kentico gives you the power to control the experience for your customers and engage them through each step of their journey while enabling you to collaborate across your business effectively and promptly.

  • nopCommerce Unlimited Product Marketing Options

    Unique performance and scalability

    Kentico allows for handling increased traffic and delivering a consistently fast digital experience. It ensures the implementation of high-performance websites using the latest technologies and it enables the easy scale-out with built-in mechanisms for automatic synchronization of files and in-memory objects across servers. 
  • Sitecore Users Roles and Workflows audit Service

    Personalized User Experience

    The User Experience (UX) is elevated as customers receive unique content that is dynamically changing what they see according to the actions they performed. You can create multi-channel personalized experiences for different types of visitors.
  • nopCommerce Multi-Store system integration

    Differentiated E-commerce Experience

    The flexibility of customizing and personalizing every part of the digital experience. Customers can choose from product options and compound variants and customize products according to their needs. That means higher conversion rates, increased basket sizes, and more returning customers.
  • Umbraco Multisite & Multilingual

    High-Availability, Multilingual Websites

    The website content becomes highly available, at no time, anywhere in the world. It supports the delivery of stunning digital experiences for all major languages using modern JavaScript frameworks and SDKs. 
  • Customer Journey Map user interface design

    Insightful Analytics

    The decision-making process becomes easier by gaining a better understanding of the customers’ needs. Kentico tracks and analyzes audience engagement across touchpoints, clearly assesses campaigns, and acquires deep content insights through A/B testing.
  • Backend Systems

    Security and Data Protection

    Regular security testing and security-focused code reviews. Multiple security layers separating data, administration, and the live site strengthens the security of the overall website. Plus, it offers various authentication methods, permissions, and user management for data protection.

Powerful Kentico Components

  • Umbraco Forms cms software
    Intelligent content editor Easy, flexible, complete control over your website 
  • Umbraco ucommerce cms software
    Marketing & e-commerce automation Simple automation and optimization of campaigns on any channel
  • Umbraco Newsletter Studio content management system
    Multiple digital touch-points management Control of your  campaigns across all digital channels
  • Umbraco Spindoctor Behavioral Targeting cms software
    Out-of-the-box integrations Limitless CRM and marketing automations to increase your website effectiveness.
  • Sitecore powered Mobile Apps
    Integrated customer data platform 360 view of your customers across all channels and devices.

Linakis Digital on Kentico

Throughout our partnership with Kentico, we successfully build multifunctional portals that bring our clients’ customers to the forefront. Our experienced and diverse teams of experts use Kentico CMS at its full potential to satisfy even the most complex of our client's needs. Our UX research department collaborating with our creative design team and our experienced developers, develop the most innovative solutions to create personalized portals that treat each customer differently and offer them suitable content to their needs. Kentico provides us with the tools to transform the meaning of website and onsite marketing

We take great pride in using our creativity and scientific methodologies combined with the latest state-of-the-art tools provided by Kentico to create High-Performance Digital Experiences.