We love cutting edge technology and we prove it at every chance!

For one more time, Linakis Digital will be there, where the tech magic happens! We are official sponsors of Hyperion Robotics for the year 2020, helping the team to achieve their aspirations to create, innovate and race!

 Hyperion Robotics travel to the international contest Eurobot in France

Hyperion Robotics is a team of young, active scientists with creative minds, studying at the University of Western Macedonia, Greece. It was founded in 2014 and its purpose is to research and participate in worldwide competitions. During the past six years, they have completed 7 projects, participated in 6 international and European robotic competitions, presented their work in 8 national events and have been awarded by the Greek government in the Digital Economy Forum 2016!

This year, Hyperion Robotics will represent Greece in the Eurobot 2020 in France. Eurobot is an international amateur robotics contest, in which young people present the autonomous robots created in student projects or independent youth science clubs. This event offers young scientists the opportunity to develop technical and project management skills while it promotes the values of fair-play, solidarity, knowledge sharing, and creativity

At Linakis Digital we deeply value young highly skilled goals-oriented people, who love to innovate and aim high. The least we can do is to support and reward their hard work, creativity and will to achieve international distinctions!

We wish Hyperion Robotics a great year with many opportunities to show their worth and succeed! We stand by you, and we stand by anyone who wants to stand out in the field of technology!