Eurobank, one of Greece’s systemic banks, recognized the need and value of digital transformation as part of a larger omnichannel rollout. The is the first deliverable of this process. The goal was to create a customer-centric portal optimized for mobile, offering the users personalized information and services to improve their daily interactions with the bank, while meeting the strict compliant rules required from the bank.

Aiming to significantly improve the customer experience, different customer journeys were created based on users’ needs. Linakis Digital worked on a data informed and empathy driven service design process, enabled by world class technology. The new website, enabled by the Sitecore Experience Platform, was based on the contextual presentation of the information, to ensure a significantly improved client experience.

The new website increased the customer engagement since it is easy to navigate and responsive to all devices delivering the same seamless experience across any devise or browser. The technology incorporated provides to Eurobank’s marketing team everything they need to understand visitors' needs and intents for delivering a more relevant, personalized experience.

Linakis digital closely cooperated with the Bank’s IT department to architect, host and deploy the entire solution on the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure, achieving maximum security, performance, availability and geographic redundancy with minimum needs for maintenance from the Bank’s personnel and real flexibility to the Bank’s constantly growing needs.