KPISN Case Study user experience

The Brief

In 2015 we designed a series proposed concept flyers, posters and calendar of events brochures for the public launch of Stavros Niarchos Culture centre in Athens.

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KPISN Case Study user interface design


KΠΙΣΝ, the new culture centre of the Stavros Niarchos foundation is a mouthful by any standards. We decided to approach the client by addressing that very problem. We based our idea on the individual letters that make up the name of the centre: K, P, I S, N. and used them to design a series of fun typographic posters and brochures. We typed words, phrases and entire texts that miss those letters. Readers must fill in the missing letters to read the words or phrases describing the centre. We designed big posters reading O_era, Mu__c, Boo_s etc. as well as typographic brochures and calendars of events made up entirely of text missing those very letters.