Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) is Sitecore's Email campaigning module. It is however, a whole lot more than a “Newsletter Engine” as one may mistake it for. With the Sitecore Email Experience Manager, you can use everything you know about your customers to personalize every aspect of your emails, so you always send just the right email at just the right time to keep the cross-channel conversation moving forward.

Sitecore maintains an up-to-date profile and cross channel history for each unique customer. With that real-time, contextual information, you can use email with precision as part of a completely connected and personalized customer experience.

Sitecore EXM lets you schedule and trigger a single email or a series of emails based on demographics, real-time behaviors, events, or any other customer experience data that’s available. From welcome, birthday, and loyalty programs to newsletters and thank you notes, you can nurture customer relationships automatically, and make email an integral and relevant part of the cross channel conversation.

It makes it easy to run A/B and multivariate testing on any element of your emails, including subject lines, messaging, images, format, and timing. Make your next interactions—in any channel—that much better by learning what works best for each customer or segment.

Lately Sitecore published the new EXM Version 3.4 which has some major enhancements over previous versions. Some of these are:

  • The new Sitecore Email Cloud service. A cloud service coupled to Sitecore EXM that is responsible for delivering emails to the customers inbox. It is a cloud service delivered by Sitecore.
  • Reporting Enhancements. Sitecore’s advanced reporting and analytics help you measure the engagement value of your emails within the context of the complete customer experience, so you can compare content, campaigns, and channels objectively. The new Reporting adds new charts to the dashboard and campaign report.
  • Redesigned Recipient & Subscriber management process

If you would like to see the power of Sitecore EXM and what it can do for your business please contact us for a live Demo

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