Always at the forefront of digital developments, we are delivering on our promises

Impact BITE Awards 2021, organized by Boussias Communications, constitutes a prestigious institution recognizing significant digital transformation projects for 10 years now. This year we won 4 awards, signifying our commitment to advancement and innovation. 

 The 4 awards we won are:


GOLD for the integrated booking system we built for Attica Group.

We created a cohesive visual identity for Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries, and Hellenic Seaways and optimised the user experience with a booking system offering ease of use and advanced capabilities. The result was increased sales and control, a high-performance booking wizard, and top search engine rankings. 

GOLD for Qualex, the legal content platform of Nomiki Bibliothiki. οffers access to a vast amount of multi-source legal content that is constantly updated, bringing together a multitude of verified sources. The platform is also implementing an efficient pricing model that charges users based on time spent reading. The highly customized tools we integrated enhance the experience offering advanced search capabilities, access from all devices, and an internal user communication system. 

SILVER for the Quality Assurance platform of Sani/Ikos Group.

The group of 5 Star Hotels needed a platform enabling them to provide the highest quality services and unnegotiated luxury they promised their customers. We created a web app that digitizes and facilitates quality control practices and supports the creation of aggregate reports that leverage the power of the collected data. The platform enables the group to monitor the progress of quality controls and offers the flexibility of generating new reports that serve the operational requirements at any given time.

BRONZE for the new digital identity of European Reliance.

Aiming to provide an exceptional online experience and build stronger relationships with insurance agents European Reliance assigned us the creation of a digital presence that says ‘Digital Yes, Human Yes’ – their core digital transformation message. We created a high-impact digital ecosystem that enables users to receive personalized offers, buy insurance online, manage their contracts online, monitor their loyalty program membership, and even file complaints. The platform also strengthened the relationship with the insurance agents and led to increased customer engagement and sales. 

Final note

 All of us together, the team members of, we would like to thank our clients for trusting us to support them in their digital transformation. With uncompromising passion, creativity, and resourcefulness, we aspire to stand by them for many more years to come and consistently deliver assets that make a difference and provide a competitive advantage – and win awards! 

Thank you!