A Journey of Digital Excellence and Continued Innovation together with Linakis.digital

The Eurobank Group, consisting of Eurobank SA and its subsidiaries, is a robust financial organization. The Group develops financial products and services, focusing on customers and their needs. It offers sophisticated choices and well-rounded services to individuals and businesses. With a presence in Greece, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Bulgaria and UK (London), the Eurobank Group operates with transparency, builds credibility and applies modern corporate governance practices.

Eurobank is committed to an ongoing digital transformation. This not only aligns with evolving customer expectations but also enhances operational efficiency through the adoption of innovative technologies. At the heart of Eurobank's strategic growth lies Information Technology, which is a critical enabler for the bank's objectives. 

A decade of successful digital projects

Linakis.digital has played a pivotal role as a strong partner and enabler in several prominent and strategic digital transformation initiatives for Eurobank. Our collaboration commenced in 2017 with the creation and development of www.theegg.gr a business incubator focused at the time on youth entrepreneurshipThereafter we were appointed to implement www.eurobank.gr a key milestone in Eurobank’s omnichannel strategy within their digital transformation journey, and one more important enterprise-grade Sitecore project for Linakis.digital.

Following the launch of www.eurobank.gr we continued to deliver optimization in various areas of the corporate website as well as the creation of embedded microsites e.gwww.eurobank.gr/el/epistrofi, the bank's card loyalty program and the Eurobank Digital Academy for Business. Our outstanding work was fundamental in Linakis.digital being selected as Eurobank's key Sitecore adviser, providing support, consulting services, and contributing to the development and launch of key projects, including corporate websites, website upgrades, and application development

Apart from the projects mentioned above, Linakis.digital has also designed and launched for Eurobank, a portal which promotes international trade www.go-international.gr launched in 2017 and the design and development of Eurobank’s holding company site www.eurobankholdings.gr launched in 2020. 

New initiatives for 2024

Our ongoing strategic partnership is poised to bring forth exciting new projects in 2024, as Eurobank continually progresses its digital transformation. Notably, the revamp and implementation of www.theegg.gr, signifies the evolution of the business accelerator into one of the most active and recognizable hubs for innovative entrepreneurship in Greece. Additionally, other important projects on the horizon for 2024 include the implementation of personalized customer communication in www.eurobank.gr based on Sitecore Personalize and the enhancement of www.eurobank.gr's search function through Sitecore Search.  

A valued partnership for Linakis.digital

We highly value our strategic partnership with Eurobank, a collaboration that has seen our teams evolve and grow together successfully delivering many high-profile digital projectsFinally, our collective contribution has significantly added value to the bank's digital transformation, elevating its digital presence.