is an interactive platform that constitutes a strategic pillar of Marketing Greece’s operation. The website showcases an integrated Greek Tourism Product portfolio, acts as a sales tool by combining products with booking engines and serves as a digital platform for community building and social media campaigns. In particular, the platform offers a unique portray of Greek Tourism Product, providing comprehensive information for destinations, including highlights and secrets, allowing users to design their travel by using search features that bring together accommodation, transfer and sightseeing tours.


Linakis Digital has undertaken, designed and implemented one of the most important tasks of Greek strategic tourist development, via portal. The aims to the increased promotion of the country and Greek tourism industry, allowing the user to easily search and find what he/she wants based on his/her search profile, through new ideas, experiences and “fresh” images. The ideal and desirable results are not only based on the technological system superiority, the creative – artistic depiction of strategy and specific objectives and on functionality researches, but also on the common vision of cooperatives.

Linakis Digital had to deal with the multiform character of Greece and the enormous size of information, using creativity and solutions – concepts, targeting and enhancing the repetitive visiting of the website. The “A Story a Day” project, for example, is an editional, that presents, each day, a different story of Greece. This section of the website operates and enhances the user to return and visit it again and participate (call to action), importing or collecting daily unique stories, experiences, thoughts and food tastes directly from Greece.

Furthermore, the pluralistic aesthetics and design have promoted the specific characteristics of our country, creating a unique mosaic of images, colors and ideas. The use of parallaxing (pictures and letters in motion at different speeds) has created a depth of field, giving the impression that you are in the landscape itself.


The has been developed on a Sitecore CMS platform – Linakis’ Digital official partner – hosted in Microsoft Azure environment, providing significant advantages and impacts for both visitors (speed, personalized information), and manager (continuous market trends observation, visitor’s analysis). The complexity of information and the size of content were categorized according to Information Architecture design and a card sorting test, conducted by Linakis Digital to foreign visitors across Greece. Systems of international hotel and air tickets providers were integrated for the purposes of reservation.