Platinum Gold Bite Award

Our groundbreaking work regarding the omni-channel digital transformation journey for the Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) received 4 IMPACT BITE Awards 2022. 

The IMPACT BITE Awards 2022, hosted for the 11th year running by BOUSSIAS, took place on Tuesday, October 4 2022, under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Governance and SEPE.

At the 2022 Impact Bite awards, PPC together with  Linakis.digital received a total of 4 awards :

  1. PLATINUM – in the category Digital Transformation of Operational Procedures for upgrading the company’s digital ecosystem.
  2. GOLD – in the category Optimal Use and Utilization of ICT in Business/ Digital Transformation for the contribution to the company’s digital transformation.
  3. GOLD – in the category Digital Transformation of Operational Processes for upgrading the company’s digital ecosystem.
  4. GOLD – in the category Digital Transformation /Customer Experience for upgrading the company’s customer experience processes.


Let's take a deeper look into the project.

PPC,  the largest energy company in Greece and a pioneer in Europe, decided to fully transform its digital touchpoints to offer innovative services through state-of-the-art digital customer experiences.

Our contribution in this omni-channel digital transformation journey included the successful redesign and redevelopment of the www.dei.gr public website.  Within the scope of this project, we also, optimized the user interface (UI) design for features such as transactional self-service portals, e-bill, e-procurement and e-appointment, etc.

Key areas of excellence delivered by Linakis.digital from a design perspective and the added value provided to the customer were:

  • The seamless award-winning human-centric design, optimizing digital experiences.
  • Our successful implementation of the PPC's new brand identity in their digital channels which showcases their forward-thinking approach to energy in Greece.
  • The strong reference to the heritage of the brand and its place in Greek society.  

One of our greatest challenges was to deliver this project within very strict deadlines without compromising on quality. We achieved this via our successful and productive co-operation with the PPC’s stakeholders, and by following our flexible and agile project management framework. 
Read the case study about how we digitally transformed 
Greece’s Public Power Corporation.


Commenting on the awards, Vasilis Linakis, CEO of Linakis.digital, stated, “These awards confirm our leading position in the markets where we are active for large digital transformation and implementation projects. Our commitment is to delve deep into our customers’ needs and deliver cutting edge projects which will make the difference.”

At Linakis.digital, we're extremely honored to play a role in the digital transformation of leading firms in the markets where we are active and we are determined to continue with the same passion for innovation and creativity. We pride ourselves on designing digital transformational solutions and constantly strive to create opportunities for our customers which generate value.