On December 12th during the annual celebration ceremony of Greek e-commerce, we were proud to receive 3 e-volution awards for the digital portal we created for PeopleCert. We were awarded 1 Silver Award in the category UX/UI and 2 Bronze Awards in the categories of International E-Commerce and Customer-Centricity respectively.

The e-volution awards, organized under the auspices of GR.E.CA, reward the best practices in e-commerce and e-business, implemented by the country's major e-shops and e-commerce agencies. This year the competition had the biggest record of entries.

The Director of the ELTRUN e-Commerce Laboratory of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Mr. George Doukidis, President of the Jury, presented the seven emerging trends as they emerged through this year's awards and largely determine the sector: Operational Maturity, Customer-focused, Business Analytical, Redesign-relaunch, Technological Excellence, Strategy and Competitiveness, Digital Transformation.