Synerise platform

Ideal for 

Organizations seeking to build a 360o customer view in order to engage in active management of their customer portfolio, through the utilization of marketing automations, AI algorithms and real-time monitoring of the business performance. 



Synerise process cycle



* Easy to integrate via APIs
* Fast deployment
* Integrates on top of existing software (CRM, ERP, Transaction)
* Fully scalable and redundant
* Data privacy fully compliant with local laws
* Provided as a SaaS
* Leverages the power of the Azure Cloud

Powerful Synerise Components
* Real-time tracking of every event, across every channel, at customer level - whether it's mobile, web or physical presence 
* Dynamic segmentation & dashboards 
* Loyalty program  
Graphic representation of customer journey and real-time tracking of each step of the path
Omni-channel Campaign Design & Tracking with multiple Gamification elements
AI product recommendations 
AI personalized search engine 
Dynamic content creator (email, landing page, website content)
Omni channel Sentiment Analysis
Fraud detection