Why CookiePro?

CookiePro is powered by OneTrust, the worldwide leader in privacy management software. CookiePro by OneTrust is the most prominent consent tool that bridges the privacy gap between online businesses and website visitors.  It is an easy-to-deploy solution for compliance with global privacy laws such as the GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD

CookiePro enables our clients to rest easy knowing they have the industry-leading solution at the most affordable rate.

Our partnership with CookiePro simplifies our clients’ consent setup and cookies integration according to the latest regulatory landscape in order to continue receiving the benefits of cookies while giving the opportunity to website visitors to exercise their privacy rights.


Always compliant with the latest Privacy Regulations

CookiePro’s R&D teams and global privacy team of experts in privacy management and global regulations are always alerted to deliver the absolute best and most up-to-date solutions every three weeks.

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    Automated cookie scans & categorization

    CookiePro automatically scans the website, recognizes and categorizes all cookies. The automated scans are performed at scheduled intervals so that our client’s website is always up to date, while the deployment process becomes smooth and simple.

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    Customizable content and design

    The cookie consent banner is fully customizable based on our client’s branding guidelines and website layout. The platform also gives the freedom to develop a custom preference center that allows visitors to select which types of cookies and tracking technologies they want to enable or disable.

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    Updated according to the latest regulations

    The consent management tool of CookiePro is compliant to the existing global regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and LGPD, and monitors the international regulatory landscape to stay updated. 

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    Unlimited Cookies

    CookiePro has a repository of over 15 million cookies, gathered and stored through reliable sources in Cookiepedia. Cookiepedia provides detailed information on all cookies, types of data collected bringing our clients to the new age of transparency in the web.