About Tiresias

Tiresias is a dynamically expanding company providing interbank services, specializing in the collection and distribution of financial behavior information for businesses and individuals through reliable information systems. The primary objective for Tiresias is to minimize the risks associated with credit agreements, insolvency, bad debts, and protect commercial creditors whilst also consolidating economic transactions.

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Project Goal

Tiresias sought to renew its corporate website so that users could have access to timely and accurate information through an enhanced overall experience. Linakis.digital undertook the front-end and back-end development after successfully winning an RFP (Request for Proposal).

Key Challenges Faced by Tiresias

The previous Tiresias corporate website was outdated, non-responsive to mobile devices, and lacked essential functionalities for its users. Additionally, there was a need for a more user-friendly content management system (CMS). Linakis.digital successfully navigated the difficulties posed by the strict security practices,
by installing the CMS on a separate server from the website and dealing with limited access to the customer’s APIs and authentication server during development.

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Implementation Process

Linakis.digital received templates from BBDO, an advertising agency, and provided consultation on design features for front-end development. Our front-end developers implemented the approved templates, while back-end developers worked on integrating the CMS with customer APIs and an authentication server.

Adhering to Tiresias' stringent security practices, including limited access to APIs during development, antivirus checks on every deployment, and finally on-site deployments, we implemented mock services and an authentication server based on customer documentation.

Technological Solution

The content management platform is Umbraco 10, utilizing .NET Core technology. Newsletter Studio, an Umbraco plugin, was implemented for newsletter management. The delivered project also included features such as a newsletter registration form, internal search engine, display of statistics, and contact forms.



Proud Achievements

Linakis.digital successfully passed a penetration test with no findings, showcasing the effectiveness of the implemented security measures. The integration with the customer's systems based on mock implementation was 100% successful, requiring no fixes or changes during the final deployment.

Overall Project Outcome

The project resulted in a robust solution, providing end-users with a fast and user-friendly website. On the author's side, the CMS offers flexibility and ease of use for managing content, creating, and sending newsletters.