Linakis Digital and ClientIQ have entered into a commercial agreement for the transfer of ClientIQ's customer analytics activities and their induction into the Linakis Digital service spectrum.

Linakis Digital and Client IQ meeting
With this strategic move, Linakis Digital now has a comprehensive customer service management package, combining ClientIQ’s long-term experience in customer analytics with the advanced capabilities of the technological solutions available from Linakis Digital through the Sitecore, Kentico and Synerise platforms.

Vassilis Linakis, company General Manager, stated: “After 14 years of successful progress in the field of design and development of innovative digital products, we are evolving with careful steps. We remain faithful to our goal to offer innovative solutions and services that meet ever-changing market needs, while we continue to build long-term partnerships with our clients. The inclusion of ClientIQ's experienced customer analytics team at Linakis Digital allows us to enrich our services with data-driven insights, optimizing companies' marketing and sales strategies and increasing the effectiveness of the technical solutions we provide."

Linakis Digital CEO -Vasilis Linakis

The customer analytics and strategy design services offered by Linakis Digital now include:
Data cleansing & consolidation,
Customer portfolio analysis & segmentation, with the aim of designing and implementing marketing and sales strategies that meet the needs of diverse consumer profiles,
Propensity modeling combined with optimization methodologies that allow us to define the best offers for each customer,
Life cycle analytics & lifetime value modeling (LTV), with the aim of designing and implementing marketing and sales strategies based on the needs of the "life stage" of each customer with the company and estimating the value they will bring in the future,
Churn proactive & reactive strategies design, for the time-appropriate detection of customers who change consumer habits and are likely to stop trading with the company or the design of reactive strategies which adjust the effort to retain customers according to their profile and their expected value.

ClientIQ Chief Executive-Alexandra Christopoulou sign the agreement with Linakis Digital

ClientIQ executives said: "We are delighted to be part of the Linakis Digital team, a company with which we share the same values. Through this action, we are being given the opportunity to develop our field of specialization and to even more comprehensively meet the needs of modern businesses, both in Greece and abroad, that relate to customer management as members of a larger, dynamic team.