AI makes it possible for your company to establish a more efficient and powerful CRM & Synerise hosted an insightful webinar on how AI can enhance CRM in the post-pandemic era. Participants had the opportunity to listen to leading experts discuss how to address challenges effectively with a more efficient and powerful CRM.
Webinar -   Key drivers of consumptio to shapre consumers decisions by Janusz Naklicki

Some facts about the accelerated digital transformation 
Vasilis Linakis, CEO at
welcomed the participants and spoke about the changes the pandemic brought to the industry. 

COVID-19 forged a new normal and accelerated the digital transformation worldwide. 6 out of 10 CEOs say that within 2020 they made changes that would usually take years to implement. In an effort to better grasp the changes that occurred in 2020, 67% of companies have increased the use of descriptive analytics.

Working in partnership with Synerise, implements strategies that utilize the game-changing AI platform and drive sales. 

Ioannis Costoulas, Head of Business Analytics & Insights at, shared the company’s insights on last year’s identified trends. He also highlighted the changes caused by the pandemic on the analytics operations. 

Webinar - Using AI to form a churn strategy by Argiro Kotsikou

Argyro Kotsikou, Senior Analytics & Strategy Consultant at, analyzed how companies can adjust their CRM strategies to better engage with their customers and improve bottom-line results. 
She also presented how AI can be effectively embedded in the all CRM initiatives based on the following steps:
Step 1: Define the business need, establish the related KPIs and monitor them through time 
Step 2: Define & develop the AI model that best supports the initiative
Step 3: Design the implementation roadmap, focusing on all the strategic elements (target base, offering, communication frequency etc.)  
Step 4: Establish the evaluation meachanism both short-term & long-term
Step 5: Continuously monitor the results of the established CRM strategy, performing fine-tunings, where needed, and periodically recalibrate the AI models to ensure their effectiveness.        

Microsoft & IKEA: Their experiences 

Dr. Victoria Kimonides, Enterprise Co-sell Director at Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe, talked about the changes recorded during 2020 by Microsoft and the massive shift to e-commerce.  On a global scale, data volume increased significantly, and companies are looking for effective ways to manage and analyze it. See Synerise efficient SaaS solutions.
Webinar - Changes due Covid-19 by VIctoria Kimonidies Microsoft

Mrs. Gianneskis, Communications Director at IKEA, talked about the adjustments IKEA made during 2020 due to the pandemic, their work with Synerise, the results, and the next steps. IKEA began implementing a data-driven CRM strategy 5 years ago, and this decision, coupled with their collaboration with on customer analytics, improved both strategic decision-making and bottom-line results.

Webinar - AI Technology and Data analytics by Ada Gianneskis & Synerise: a partnership that impacts the bottom line

Janusz Naklicki, Chief Strategy Officer at Synerise explained how their all-in-one, ever-evolving data platform, accelerates business growth and generates ROI. He also discussed the company’s priority on R&D and the development of more readily available AI applications. 

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The webinar is now available to view on demand. If you’d like to discuss AI-powered CRM and Advanced Customer Analytics further, please get in touch