Back to roots

Design is the art of getting across a powerful message by injecting meaning into words and images. This has never been more relevant than in today’s world of excess data. As people are hammered with information, they tend to only listen to messages that are direct and inspired. The digital age has actually made designers go back to roots and practice the fine art of filtering and simplifying to arrive at useful solutions. Whether in print or digital, our designers try to use information as the source of their inspiration to think up fresh inspired ideas. Our awarded work with European design, Red dot and German design awards is testament to this belief.

  • Date.Gr Looking for my other half
  • Endorfini stage Branding, print and website
  • Skytone Promotional postcards

Ideas first

Ideas are at the forefront of our thinking. Whether digital or analogue we dream cocnepts that hope to be appealing because they are clever. And clever means useful. We use technology and classical aesthetics to create thought- provoking work in digital and print.

  • R.O.B.O.P.A.R.T.Y Posters and brochures
  • The Bands Bar Posters and leaflets
  • Trip around Greece Interactive infographics
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Digitally inspired print

At Linakis digital we do, digital. But we also make stuff in print. Our digital DNA helps us bring to print, ideas of an interactive nature, ideas that grow, change, transform and interact either literally or metaphorically with their audience. On paper.

  • Homo Travellus Identity, print and web site
  • Ilias Y handcrafts Packaging
  • ΚΠΙΣΝ proposals Unpublished print work

In the design community

Over the years we have enjoyed being part of an active community of designers here in Greece. We are proud when asked to talk at conferences and fora such as Design Athens, Digitized Behance Portfolio reviews and Greek Graphic Designers Association’s lectures. We are also honoured when asked to judge top awards such as European design awards, Ermis and Epica awards. We also enjoy seeing our work published in top design editions such as +design, The Greek foundation, Typo 365 and more.