Customer Analytics can help you recognize your customers’ needs and preferences, identify the various profiles you serve, and understand their dynamic evolution through time. The data-driven insights produced by our experienced team can help transform your business by optimizing your customer management strategy and providing you with a significant competitive advantage

Based on McKinsey, companies investing in active and consistent portfolio management experience 131% higher sales and 126% higher profit than companies who do not invest in portfolio management


How we can help you

Combining analytics & strategy expertise we offer holistic support regarding your client base management, covering from customer analytics to the design and execution of the optimum marketing & sales strategy for your business.

  • Know your customers

    Understanding the ever-changing needs and dynamics of your customer base provides your business with a significant competitive advantage. We specialize in the following types of analysis:

    o Data Cleansing & Portfolio Unification: Consolidate the customer data, collected through different touchpoints and build a Single Customer View of your portfolio, enabling you to have a complete overview of the customers’ interactions with the company

    o Portfolio Deep Dive: An in-depth analysis of your customer portfolio in order to understand its dynamics and identify growth opportunities. The analysis includes indicatively demographics analysis, network usage, penetration per area, average basket & sales per customer, purchase frequency, spending diversity analysis, vintage analytics, etc.  

    o Segmentation (RFM, MTV, Behavioral segmentation) and Cluster Analysis: Identify customer groups with similar patterns and needs. This knowledge, when incorporated in all marketing and CRM plans, enables the business to set different objectives per segment and improve ROI.

    • o Loyalty Program Evaluation: If you wish to evaluate the attractiveness of your loyalty program or looking for ways to find a more effective balance of cost vs. perceived benefit, we are here to help. With advanced analytics methodologies that drive profound customer knowledge, our strategy team can provide you with powerful assessment outcomes, aiming to optimize the effectiveness of your loyalty program.
    • o Loyalty Program Design: our experienced team can help you build a business case in order to design a cost-effective loyalty program that best fits your clients’ profile and meets your brand needs. 
  • Increase customer engagement & sales

    Combining advanced analytics and strategy expertise, we can help you design and execute omni-channel, customer-centric marketing and sales campaigns:

    o Welcome and Early Engagement marketing campaigns

    o Cross-sell, up-sell and next best action campaigns through predictive analytics & AI recommendation functionalities    

    o Basket deepening campaigns

    o Product repurchase strategies through trigger analytics

    o Win Back Campaigns for disengaged customers

    o The appropriate marketing strategy to boost the sales of a business unit or of a new or under-performing channel

    o Gamification campaigns to increase customer -brand interaction

    o Product rationalization strategies based on each customer’s distinct needs when you have a wide product pallet.


  • Retain your customers

    Long-term customer retention can be challenging and expensive at times. Our experienced analytics and marketing team can help you design and execute:

    o Pro-active customer retention strategies combining predictive churn modeling & customer value at risk methodologies, focusing either on early or later churn warning

    o Re-active customer retention strategies prioritizing the retention effort based on the projected customer value

    o Or even redesign your entire customer retention process and offering


Our Clients

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