CRM Evolution

Use big Data Analytics to build customer profiles, recognize their needs and preferences and understand their dynamic evolution over time. Transform your business by optimizing your CRM strategy and unlock growth.

Our Services

segmentation symbolKnow your customer.


Learn how they interact with you and how their needs are changing over time to provide them with personalized offers.


  • Data Cleansing & Portfolio Unification. Gain a complete view of the customers’ interactions with you from a single screen.
  • Portfolio Deep Dive. Understand the value of your customers and identify growth opportunities. 
  • Segmentation (RFM, MTV, Behavioral segmentation) and Cluster Analysis. Find the patterns, set different objectives per segment, and improve ROI.
  • Loyalty Program Evaluation. Find pain points of your loyalty program and optimize its effectiveness. 
  • Loyalty Program Design. Design a cost-effective loyalty program that best fits your customer's profile and meets your brand's needs.

customer journey iconEngage your customer.

Bottom line value

Design and execute omnichannel marketing & sales campaigns that increase engagement rate and drive sales.

Our expertise

  • Welcome and Early Engagement marketing campaigns.
  • Cross-sell, up-sell, and next best action campaigns through predictive analytics & AI functionalities.    
  • Basket deepening campaigns.
  • Product repurchase strategies through trigger analytics.
  • Win-Back Campaigns for disengaged customers.
  • Marketing strategy to boost sales.
  • Gamification campaigns to increase customer-brand interaction
  • Product rationalization strategies based on each customer’s distinct needs when you have a wide product pallet.

retention symbolRetain your customer.


Built amazing relationships with your customers, increase their lifetime value, and boost revenue.


  • Pro-active customer retention strategies. Combine the predictive churn modeling & customer value at risk methods to uncover the customers ready to churn and take action.
  • Re-active customer retention strategies. Prioritize the retention effort based on the projected customer value and build a stronger relationship with the most valuable customers.
  • Redesign your entire customer retention strategy to minimize your costs and maximize your profit.

Our Partners since 2022, is a partner of the Microsoft Cloud program for data & artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities based on Microsoft technologies. This demonstrates our commitment to exceptional  customer analytics and data-driven consulting for our clients, using Microsoft Azure services.

Our commitment to success

We believe that growth is unlocked with the assist of a partner who is focused on client's success, performs groundbreaking research, and leverages the power of data. 

Our Clients

  • Actionaid
  • Linakis Digital Client Allianz
  • Linakis Digital Client Ergo Hellas
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  • Piraeus Bank
  • Actionaid
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  • Linakis Digital Client Ikos Resort - Sani
  • Linakis Digital Client AB Vasilopoulos
  • Linakis Digital Client Attica Department Stores
  • Actionaid
  • Actionaid
  • Actionaid
  • The North Face LD Client Analytics