Data-driven trigger marketing

 In today's highly competitive market, customers are often immune to the promotional messages they receive. Data-driven trigger marketing delivers high success rates because it addresses a particular customer need using analytics. Trigger marketing helps brands deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time and strengthens their relationship with the brand. 

The case: Making an offer at exactly the right time

Our client, a big retailer in the Greek market, aimed to increase their bottom line through data-driven marketing initiatives. Our Customer Analytics team was appointed to execute a full-scale trigger marketing project which incorporated the following stages:

  • Product Association Analytics
  • Pilot testing
  • Marketing strategy design & roll-out

The methodology: Customer Analytics + Business Strategy 

Product Association Analytics 

Implementing advanced analytics techniques, we discovered correlations between items within large quantities of data and gained insights in many areas, such as uncovering unconscious consumer buying patterns when people shop at a particular store. We made product associations and identified pairs of products with a high buying correlation between them. 

Considering the expected volume of such correlations within a period of time and, of course, the given business priorities, we designed the best-fitted marketing strategy for our client.  

Pilot Testing

The strategy was then tested in terms of:

  • The promotional offer 
  • The promo period
  • The communication channel
  • The sales channel 
  • The type of product area

At the end of this stage, we analyzed the up-to-date results and evaluated all pilot campaigns in terms of their ability to generate sales and margin.

Full-Scale Roll-out

Based on our findings from pilot testing, we identified the critical elements that affected customer response and consequently designed and set up the campaigns with the highest potential to achieve maximum ROI for our client.

The Result: Increased ROI through highly personalized messages 

The use of product association analytics and trigger marketing techniques resulted in an initiative with improved sales performance in terms of ROI and sales growth. 

The impact in numbers

Statistical Numbers

Trigger Marketing Benefits

  • Increased brand awareness and affinity help customers remember a brand and stay loyal.
  • High-performing marketing teams can focus their time and energy on informed strategies that deliver optimized results.
  • Conversion opportunities get maximized at every step in the customer journey.

Bottom Line Value

At, we can help you discover the events that will make your customers engage further with your business. We implement advanced data analytics techniques that deliver valuable insights and enable you to roll out highly personalized campaigns that excite your customers. Highly focused omnichannel communication can assist you in achieving the most profitable results, whether in retail or other industry. Customer Analytics: From data to results

Using insights generated by advanced analytics methodologies combined with business expertise, we help businesses increase repeated purchases within a small timeframe from the initial transaction, boost customer engagement and improve their bottom line. At we help businesses make informed decisions about offering the right product, at the right time, to the right customer, improving long-term loyalty