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A 360° customer data solution by

The case: Getting a single view of customers

Our client, a big retailer, needed to establish a 360o view of its customers' transactions & interactions with the company in order to enhance customer management and operational processing. They wanted to offer a seamless omnichannel experience based on trusted, high-quality data. 

The project scope included:

  • Data consolidation from 6 different sources
  • Over 200k records 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) relies on high quality, accurately matched customer data, so we undertook the data cleansing, consolidation, and unification project to support our client in creating the foundations for a robust CRM strategy

Data sources 

The project's scope included six different data sources, and more than 20% of the data was available in hard copy documents such as handwritten coupons and applications. As part of our comprehensive methodology, we scanned the documents, extracted the information using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques, and converted all customers' records into editable and searchable data.

Moreover, our client's operation in the retail sector posed an additional challenge in data cleansing & unification, as no official customer identifiers such as Tax or Personal ID were available. Our concrete analytics methodologies enabled us to execute the project with increased accuracy and deliver significant enhancements despite the lack of such identifiers. 

The methodology: Data cleansing with a proprietary algorithm 

At, implementing our proprietary algorithm, we created a reliable, consistent, and complete database for our client. Our process consists of the following steps: 

  • Data Validation
  • Data standardization to enable records matching 
  • Identification of records belonging to a single person
  • Data consolidation at a unique customer level, enriching available information from the various data sources 

Customer 360°: the results 

Our 360° customer data solution achieved:


Statistical numbers


Statistical Numbers

Bottom Line Value

We provided to our client:

  • A 360o customer view setting the foundations for the implementation of a successful CRM strategy
  • A business proposal for optimizing the technical and operational system to ensure the collection and maintenance of high-quality data


Critical customer information is often flawed, out-of-date, or held in different systems and formats, complicating processing and increasing required time-to-market. Our 360° customer data solution ensures our clients have the most relevant and reliable data at hand.