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A financial institution increased bancassurance sales and profit by implementing a customized Next Best Action Strategy and making highly relevant offers. 

The case: In need of a customer-centric marketing concept

Our client, a well-established Greek bank, aimed to optimize its performance in selling bancassurance products in a challenging economic environment. Prioritizing the sales activity in a target universe of 13 million sales leads was key to improving results. The project scope included six bancassurance products and two sales channels:

  • Branch network
  • Telemarketing outbound was appointed to empower sales teams with essential insights to increase their productivity, profitability, and overall performance. 


The methodology: Leveraging Customer Data to boost bottom-line impact

We analyzed the vast amount of data to generate insights and empower the bank to maximize revenue production opportunities. Our approach comprised of:

  • A preparatory phase to record the current status of the sales process, focusing on response rates & Average Handling Time (AHT) metrics per product and channel.
  • The development of sales predictive models for the six bancassurance products within scope.
  • The targeting prioritization based on the expected profit amount to be generated per channel for every minute of sale. To this end, we combined:
  1. Product Profitability metrics. 
  2. Sales AHT metrics per product. 
  3. Customer’s propensity to buy each product.


The Result: Increased sales through personalized offering

Combining customers’ profiles with the bank’s business objectives, we delivered a targeted approach that is more efficient for the bank and more relevant to each customer. The use of Advanced Analytics resulted in an improved sales performance in terms of profit and the number of products sold. With the Sales Leads Prioritization Analysis provided by, the bank achieved:


Using insights generated by advanced analytics methodologies combined with business expertise, organizations acquire the ability to optimize leads targeting across multiple distribution channels.  They can make informed decisions about which product to offer to each customer and in what order to improve servicing and bottom-line results. 
We at, handle each business case  following a holistic approach, which includes a thorough understanding of the business requirements, a perceptive view of the customer portfolio dynamics & challenges and a realistic and actionable solution-based strategy.