The Brief

For this hard rock bar in Kos we designed a series of promotional work based on two key concepts.

Save the Date interchangeable posters.

We created a series of posters to announce important events. The idea was to design a set of individual posters made of numbers to announc ny given date in the calendar year. Each poster features a big number. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. When placed in the right order, one next to the other, a date is formed. The client could mic and match numbers to create any date. For example 05/07 or 08/06 or any required combination.

Kath Hairy and Mariah Scary posters and flyers.

The Bands bar loves true rock and looks down on pop music. To communicate their manifesto, we decided to make fun of famous pop artists. We designed a series of humorous posters and flyers that paraphrase famous pop names. We called the series, Fed up with Pop or Defenders of Rock.

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