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Mapping a customer centric strategy

Every project needs a roadmap, a strategy that makes sure all pieces align with the big picture. We formulate our strategy by synthesizing your business goals and help identify your digital needs. In short we bring the client’s voice to the table!

Forming structure and interactions

Having defined a clear strategy, we start forming the structure of the product we are creating. First at high-level then refining details and defining interactions.

Designing a unique visual identity

Ideas are at the core of our thought process. But not just any ideas. We brainstorm to arrive at concepts driven by usability and flair. Concepts that use the way things work as a source of inspiration to create magic. This is how we arrive at awarded work in digital and print.

Validating the design

We are firm believers that no design is finished until tested with users. Depending on the nature of a project, we use one or more design vaildation methods to refine both the product’s usability and its alignment with the users’ mental model.

Hardcore Development

Implementing the solution

Implementing the solution isn't just about developing a portal. It is all about enabling the strategic goals of the project via a solid architectural solution design, choice of the correct platform, standard's-based implementation, security best-practices, and quality assurance.

Personalizing the experience

By combining our UX perspective of the customer with Sitecore's powerful personalization engine, we design unique one-to-one experiences that enhance user loyalty and maximize your potential for profit.