The Brief

Marketing Greece, the official marketing stakeholder of the Confederation of Greek tourism Industries asked us to design and develop a showcase portal for Greece. The client’s digital strategy set three main goals for the new portal. 1. To promote Greece as a world- class destination through a complete showcase of Greece. 2. To initiate digital sales through a central ticketing service for accommodation, air and sea travel. 3. To create a hub for all marketing campaigns initiated in a variety of digital media channels and the social media.  

Idea & visual design 

Naturally we based our creative concept on Greece’s stunning imagery. To engage users we thought up a recurring concept called: “A story a day”. Every day a new destination is featured on the portal’s top screen urging users to explore. The portal also features large presentation boards to house new campaigns. The real value of the portal lies in information. The portal features an impressive amount of information for all major Greek destinations. Visually these were treated in a typical information portal layout. 


Both desktop and mobile web sites carry a huge number of interwoven text and visual and  media- rich data. The portal was developed with    of a huge database of information as well as full booking and ticketing systems. All services, functions and features of the site were developed with Sitecore Content management platform offering full editing features by the administrator on all levels as well as pers.

Finally a host of backend diverseservices, features were integrated ticketing services were designed and incorporated in the main layout to answer client business goals. 

onalization features for active user campaigns run and monitored through the portal. 

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